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  1. Leon Mlambo
    Leon Mlambo at | | Reply

    can you offer a home loan

  2. Lillian
    Lillian at | | Reply

    Can i apply for a capitec loan online

  3. humsheera
    humsheera at | | Reply

    notify my on the personal load rates

  4. patience ngixi
    patience ngixi at | | Reply

    can capitec offer me a loan to buy a car even i am blacklisted?

  5. Gheghoana Macdonald Smile
    Gheghoana Macdonald Smile at | | Reply

    I want a Personal Loan from Capitec Bank and I am black listed and I am a Capitec Client, my salary is payable every month into my account at your institution. Tell me if it’s possible

  6. Magdeline motsi
    Magdeline motsi at | | Reply

    i have already loan there,but i want to know can i made loan again from u guys

  7. keitumtse montwedi
    keitumtse montwedi at | | Reply

    hi there is it possible for to get a loan of R50.000 then from it minus the amount that i owe and get the rest remaining?? thank u

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