Best careers in South Africa

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Best careers in south africa – The key to getting a high paying job anywhere around the world is specialized qualification and relevant field experience. This is true for South Africa as well where the most highly paid jobs are in fields that require a high degree of skill and where the consequences of mistakes are high.

Consider the job for an Air Traffic Controller in South Africa. Controllers are responsible for communicating with aircraft pilots and maintaining a regular schedule at airports and since this is an intensive job, the yearly salary of a controller can go up to as high as R583,000.

On a similar note, aircraft pilots are also paid generously since they are responsible for the safety of many passengers. Reputed pilots with meticulous records can earn a starting salary of a whooping R695,000.

Other specialized skills are equally in demand including computer software managers and developers who can earn a minimum of R560,000. However, this salary is highly dependent on the particular skill set of the developer.

Other highly paid professionals include petroleum engineers and lawyers. Petroleum engineers can be paid a salary package of R550,000 and above while lawyers are adequately compensated at R630,000 plus.

best careers in south africa

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