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Mastercard: One of the most popular and globally accepted credit card is the Mastercard credit card. With its unparalleled retail and vendor network of 22 million locations around the world, Mastercard offers different types of credit card to cater to the varying needs of unique consumers.

The three credit cards are designed for use by users who have different levels of financial needs, as higher levels offer enhanced flexibility in terms of spending limits, payment terms and other membership rewards. The credit cards are thus named Standard, Gold and Platinum.

Currently in South Africa, three banks offer the Mastercard credit card, and are ABSA Bank Limited, Nedbank Limited, Standard Bank of South Africa Limited.

To apply for these credit cards, simply choose one of the banks you are comfortable with and download an application form from their website and fill it with the required details. Once that is done, simply drop it at one of the bank branches or fax it in with the necessary documentation. The paperwork will be processed and the credit card will be mailed to you at the earliest so that you can enjoy the financial flexibility that comes with Mastercard credit cards.



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Get a loan or apply for car finance

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