Vehicle Financing

Get a loan or apply for car finance

Applying for vehicle financing is not as difficult as it is perceived to be. The minimum that is required to initiate this relationship is an association with a bank. Now this does not mean there has to be prior credit history with the shortlisted financial institution, for even a bank account suffices as it is an establishment of a business relationship.

The institution which you bank with should be considered as the first option for financing. This is because this lender is aware of financial behavior and in light of the already established banking relationship.

Once the application has been approved, consider putting down a decent down payment, so that the borrowed amount is at its minimum. This will reduce the cost and save money over the duration of the loan. Ensure that the maturity of the funding is acceptable to you; that it is neither too early nor too late. The former will leave you struggling to pay your monthly instalments, while the latter will be more expensive in the longer term.

Get a loan or apply for car finance

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