SA home loans

sa home loans

At SA Home Loans, there are several types of loans that are available for clients, particularly for those who are looking for practical and affordable mortgage solutions as a result of a growing family finding itself in a small amount of space.

One of the first types of mortgage loan is known as the Variable Home Loan. The rate on this mortgage is priced at the lower end when compared to other available products in the market. The typical maximum tenure for this type of loan is up to 20 years.

The second type of loan is known as the Interest Only Home Loan which requires only the interest to be paid every month. This type of option is suitable for those who are unable to afford large amounts of payments
The Varifix Home Loan provides insurance against varying interest rates. Borrowers can fix their interest rates for as long as they want during their tenure after which the rates will be reset comparable to market rates.

The Edge Home Loan is the last variation and is really feasible for individuals who have a growing career path and can afford to pay more at a later stage. It also offers ample flexibility for those home owners who wish to pay more initially and reduce their payments in the future.

sa home loans

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