African bank loans

Get a loan or apply for car finance

African bank loans: African Bank is popular in the banking circles due to the various types of personal loans on offer. These loans range from a minimum of R1,500 to a maximum amount of R180,000. It is up to the individual who is looking for a loan to determine the exact size of the credit he requires along with the installment plan that suits his budget the most.

These loans are targeted towards individuals who wish to enjoy their life and upgrade their standard of living, either by purchasing a new vehicle, buying new gadgets or moving to a nice neighbourhood.

Apart from personal loans, African Bank facilitates businesses as well by offering payroll loans so that employees are not disgruntled due to delayed paycheques. This also ensures that employers are at ease knowing that their valued employees have guaranteed and timely compensation.

Similarly, a loan from African Bank can be obtained to retire old debt, with fund disbursements coinciding with instalment obligations.
Get a loan or apply for car finance

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