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Finchoice loans application – Most of us, in our life times have been caught in a situation that has prevented us from making it to that one important appointment. If such an appointment was for an extremely necessary loan application, worry no more. FinChoice loan offers the best solution to your problem by helping you eliminate the need to travel. You can manage your loan securely on your mobile phone.

Finchoice is an esteemed member of the HomeChoice group, a company with a reputable legacy and only offers fine quality service and value of the highest standard. Their mission is to be their customers’ most trusted and flexible financial partner, enabling easy access to affordable products.
Finchoice gives every South African customer of HomeChoice a good credit record and the choice of a bank account access to personalized loans.

Through FinChoice, customers are given the option to choose the type of loan that best suits their situation, be it long term or short term. Their loan products can be taken over periods ranging from six, twelve or 24 months. They also offer fixed monthly installments, so there definitely will be no surprises.

Finchoice Loans

Loan applications involve no forms, no travel, just a 10 min phone call and to follow the 3 easy steps below:

  • Get ready… Have your bank account
    details and SA ID number ready.
  • Make the call on 0861 346 246 for our 10-minute application
  • Sit back and relax as FInChoice pays your approved loan into your bank account in 24hours!

FinChoice has recently completed its 5 years serving the South African financial market. Their brand is now recognized as one of the country’s premier loan providers as are known to provide extremely competitive rates to individuals with excellent credit history.

So if you have a meticulous record throughout your life and are looking for a home loan, you should ideally contact FinChoice for the best tailor-made loan package. Their loan tenures are based on the requirements of their customers but generally range till two years. Cash is also released the same day as the application is granted, ensuring applicants do not waste any time in fulfilling their dreams.
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Get a loan or apply for car finance

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