Highest paying jobs in South Africa and choosing the best careers

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It is important to have a high paying job. Right career choice sows the seeds of your future success. Though the subject of career choice can put you in a dilemma, you cannot shy away from making a decision. All you need to do is plan carefully, introspect seriously and work hard to attain a rewarding and fulfilling professional life.

So how do you choose a career? Well, introspect and ask yourself about something that you enjoy doing or are passionate about. What is it that you visualize doing and being excited about without being paid – something that you don’t get bored with, something that you don’t feel you are overdoing despite doing it on a constant basis. Your answer to these questions will give you insight into the activities or hobbies that you may choose as a career.

highest paying jobs in south africa

What are the academic subjects that you enjoy doing and excel in at school? For example, a strong passion for chemistry may motivate you to a choose career in chemical engineering or strong interpersonal skills may inspire you to choose MBA. Another factor that can play a crucial role in determining a career can be your current financial status. For example, pilot training requires special schooling, which can be quite expensive.

It is important that you consider a career opportunity in a specific field that will guarantee you financial security.

Best Careers in South Africa

Being Africa’s economic giant, South Africa has enormous career opportunities, with higher paying jobs for people with the right skills and expertise. Research reveals that law, information technology (IT) medicine, business and financial consulting, engineering are among the most sought after skills in South Africa. At present, lawyers, having good qualifications and experience, can expect a gross annual remuneration package of around R950,000-R1,200,000, engineers R750,000-R950,000, IT R800,000 – R1,400,000 per year, business and financial experts R700,000- R1,200,000, and doctors R850,000-R1,100,000.
It takes time to develop interest in a field of study, so you should not switch on the panic buttons wondering about your choice of career. Careers are a choice that requires right planning, decision making, and commitment. Making right career choices is like making promise of a fulfilled life to yourself that will pay you rich dividends as time passes by.

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