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Your poor credit rating may be due to death, divorce, or illness and finding it difficult to get loans from elsewhere, Loansfinder SA can certainly help. We serve many who find themselves in such situations and are not able to get finances from anywhere. With Loansfinder SA, you easily qualify for a personal loan of not more than R150,000.
Besides finding lenders on your behalf, Loansfinder SA offers legal consultation on matters commonly faced by people, Such as:

  • legal assistance
  • labor law advice
  • advice about dealing with tenants or landlords
  • problems at the workplace
  • road accident funds

The company offers a 3-in-1 package, which includes credit snapshot, 24-month Legal and ID Assistance, and free loan-finding service – all for a one-time payment of R350. The cost for the package is a once-off R350. Our Credit Snapshot service educates customers on their credit status, provided by three largest credit bureaux. Also, the company provides you with additional information to help you determine your creditworthiness. LoansFinder SA’s agents are available on call 24/7/365!

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Loansfinder SA

Get a loan or apply for car finance

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