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fnb ewallet

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FNB presents the most convenient and modern system to send and receive money all over South Africa. The FNB eWallet is an innovative way that allows FNB customers to send money to anyone with a valid South African cellphone number.

The transfer is instant and can be withdrawn immediately from any FNB ATM and selected retailers nationwide. The person receiving the funds can do more; buy prepaid electricity or airtime, send money to another cellphone (another eWallet), pay into an FNB account and many more features.

The costs of transacting is dependent on amount and type of transaction being performed, as sender or even receiver.
This facility is efficient and safe but most of all convenient because the person receiving the money does not even have to own an FNB account.

As a non-FNB account holder you can get an eWallet from selected retailers to send money.
You are able to send an eWallet from an FNB transactional account using any FNB ATM, the FNB Banking application, or use GeoPayments online app.
Learn more how eWallet works by watching the online tutorial or visiting your nearest branch or visit FNB

Tel: 087 575 9405

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