Investec Home Loan

Investec Home Loan

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Property is a great investment, whether you purchasing an already existing building or constructing from scratch; be it residential or commercial Investec Home Loan can help you with the finances.

You can use the Investec online facility to manage your property finance online. This will help you reduce your monthly installments even after payments such as the capital payment.

Investec also gives you access to surplus funds daily; for an initial period of 364 days, and thereafter right from the application.
Investec offers flexible services which include the ability to pay beneficiaries from you home loan. Furthermore, you can adjust your monthly installment and also choose an interest rate best suited for you (terms and conditions apply)
Investec has attractive Commercial Property Finance package which is tailored to help you enhance your property investment when you need finance to construct, develop or refurbish commercial, industrial or retail properties.

The Investec Property Investment Banking offers you solutions in funding and investment in the office, retail, industrial and residential property sectors.

Investec offers Specialised Finance to give you the personal attention ā€“ working closely with tax and legal advisors ā€“ for you to gain quick approval and access to funds to pave your way to owning the property of your dreams.

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