Atlas Finance

Get a loan or apply for car finance

Atlas Finance believes that its clients are part of its own family. This creates a sense of responsibility amongst the institution’s employees who go out of their way in making sure that their clients are satisfied with the products and service they receive. For example, this bank is known for its exceptional customer service, for their employees extend genuine warmth.

Their loan repayment schedules are also customized keeping in mind the clients planned expenses or upcoming budget forecasts. For example, if a client is seeking a loan to pay for his education, the repayment won’t begin till after he has landed a job.

Short term loans from Atlas Finance are offered for up to R8,000 with maturity of six months. However, since they understand that one size does not fit all, loans can also be adjusted for the convenience of their clients. Special packages are available for retirees as well.

Get a loan or apply for car finance

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