Cash Back Loans – credit for blacklisted people

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Cash Back Finance is a micro lending institution which is leading the pack. While many financial industry service providers give many promises of excellence and efficiency, Cash Back finance does not just promise its clients but goes out of its way to live up to that because, this strong business value is emphasised by the fact  that Cash Back Finance pays back R100 to its clients if a loan is not approved within 24 hours.

Cash Back Finance loansEstablished about 22 years ago, Cash Back Finance was formed out of the desire to provide short and long-term loans to blacklisted as well as non blacklisted clients. Cash Back Finance business role is to secure credit and finance from various financial brokers and financial institutions on behalf of clients. Currently Cash Back Finance secure loans of up to R120,000. To apply for the Cash Back Finance credit facility, clients must be residents in South Africa and be possession of an ID, be 18 years and above,  be permanently employed for at least 2 months with a bank account through which monthly repayments can be collected via debit order. This credit facility also carries a renewal policy which means if a client is up to date with his loan repayments, they may qualify for a second or third loan depending on the criteria as set by the loan company.

To apply for this credit facility, clients can fill in a quick online application form or simply call 014 5929 339.
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  1. hi there i would like to do the online application form. Would you be able to send it to me please.


  2. Please help me with a loan of R10000.00, I skipped a few payments on my other staff. I need this money for my wedding. I am reallu desperate, please help.

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