Ubank personal loans – Why is Ubank different?

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Ubank personal loans – South Africa has historically had an economy driven and anchored around the rich gold, diamond and platinum mineral deposits. These mineral resources have immensely contributed huge financial resources towards the country’s infrastructure development and it has also created million of jobs in the mines. The need to service this big mining community but also give the broader working South African working market with financial products and solutions is what brought Ubank on the scene in 1975.

To date, Ubank has established 92 branches around South Africa with 48 agencies which extend as far as Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique and Swaziland. One of the product solutions that has allowed Ubank to endear itself to the masses is the Ubank personal loan.

Ubank personal loansThe Ubank personal loan allows clients to borrow credit up to an amount of R50000 with flexible repayment options running from 2 to 36 months. Clients just need to note that Ubank uses the risk based approach in awarding loans which means the loan amount and term awarded will depend on a client’s credit profile, to achieve this Ubank takes time to run credit checks on all prospective applicants.

To qualify for this credit facility, clients need to be aged between the age of 18 and 65 years, be in possession of a South African identity document, proof of employment which should be accompanied by the latest payslip, proof of physical address not older than 3 months, bank details accompanied by a 3 months bank statement, list of expenses, two different contact numbers which implies that one contact number should be for the client and the other for a relative, if a client is married it is a requirement that they bring a marriage certificate.

This unique loan can be accessed at any Ubank branch around the country or by calling 0860008322

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