Mulah loans, ultimate solution to quick finance

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Mulah loans – The word money has developed different slang interpretations around the world. It is not surprising then that a micro lending institution has coined its brand name Mulah. The logic behind that move is very simple, quick and easy access to money should be what drives the short-term loans sector and Mulah is living by that.

Mulah personal loans is a South African micro finance house providing innovative financial services to millions of customers. Mulah provides short-term credit up to amounts of R8000. Mulah believes this financial relief is what many individuals and households need in moments of pressure with matters like medical fees, school fees, home renovations etc.

Mulah loansWith the assistance of an effective online system, Mulah has cut out the middleman and made the application process paperless. Using this system, Mulah is able to quickly determine a potential clients risk factor and this system also states instantly the amount of loan finance that an individual qualifies for. This Mulah loan also provides flexible repayment rates to clients.

To qualify for the Mulah credit, a prospective clients needs a South African ID, be employed and show proof of income, show proof of residence and have a bank account in which a salary is paid and where debit orders can be carried out.

Mulah can be contacted on 0791572430 or

Get a loan or apply for car finance

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