Sanlam personal loans

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Sanlam has positioned itself as a caring and effectual lender in the South African loan market. It also offers personal loans of value up to R100,000 on short term basis, particularly to aid those clients who require immediate liquidity relief. Emergency situations do not announce before they arrive and are often too expensive to undertake particularly medical emergencies like accident injuries or the onset of sudden infectious diseases.

Similarly, education has become a commodity that only the elite can afford. Sanlam ensures its clients receive the best service wherever they go by providing them much-needed cash relief.

Applying for a personal loan at Sanlam is also very simple. There are two ways. The first is the traditional route that requires clients to approach the bank for a quality appraisal. But a faster and more convenient option is offered exclusively to Sanlam’s customers, who can avail this opportunity online and fill out a short form detailing their personal information and requirements. A Sanlam representative will evaluate the request and get in touch with the applicants at the earliest.

Get a loan or apply for car finance

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